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Character Reveal: Asta

The fencing team’s newest pride and joy she is companion to Hnoss during her time at P.S.A. She’s not particularly talkative, but she’s cordial enough. Her notable friends list includes: Taurus Bull, Hannah Odette Reisinger, and Alberich Alfrikr. She’s competitive, having formed a friendly rivalry with Unicorn McFeel-Good (her fellow fencing teammate). Unlike what one may expect she has plenty of interests outside simply “I am a warrior therefore I am.” She’s quite fond of mead, and wine rather enjoying wine and cheese parties. It’s easy to forget given that P.S.A. looks like a high school and ostensibly acts as one for many of its students; that a fair amount of said students are well over the legal drinking age in any country. Though looking at Asta one could see someone in their early twenties vs their late teens, so perhaps the explanation is unwarranted regardless.

She’s confident, and though you might think she’s studious given her demeanor she actually only barely passed freshman year. School for her is almost more of a chore than anything else, the only thing it providing for her of benefit being the fencing club and other extra circulars. She’d much rather be on a battlefield serving Odin than attending P.S.A. That being said while not the talkative type and does take her job as “chooser of the slain” seriously she does admittedly enjoy partaking in school events. And get enough liquor in her, and she’ll become quite the chatterbox, albeit also adopting a bit more of a confrontational personality as well when in such a state. She’s rumored to be silently promiscuous having racked up a sizeable bodycount supposedly only surpassed by that of Hnoss herself. But they’re just rumors so one should take them with a grain of salt. She doesn’t outwardly flirt with anyone so hard to weigh whether they have any merit. Additionally no one publicly has claimed to have relations with her so again, grain of wheat- salt, whatever.

One would be wise to watch their tongue around her as she’s not afraid to speak with her fists and is built like the warrior sculptures of old. In fact Taurus has been trying to convince her to join the Weightlifting Team since freshman year. And while she has repeatedly declined, don’t be surprised if you find her in the weightlifting room working out by herself.

Additionally she’s a fairly good cook well- when it comes to a handful of a dishes anyways. Outside that she’s no more versed in the subject than a child. But one might say you only need to know how to cook a few things.

Not afraid to take charge, she’s the kind of partner one can rely on to get things done and commit to a relationship. She seems to have a fondness for mortal beings, but given how seriously she takes her job convincing her to date one could be tough…

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