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Character Reveal: Hnoss

Goddess of desire and lust she is infatuated with the realms of mortals. She’s very inquisitive loving a good mystery so it should be no surprise that she’s the co-founder of the Mystery Enthusiasts Club. And while she doesn’t have direct authority over Asta, seeing as she’s one of the daughters of Freyja she does command a lot of respect and admiration from her. Which means Hnoss can get Asta to do just about anything if she asks enough times. And while you may think she’s just a pretty face Hnoss is actually fairly capable with a blade having trained with the Valkyrie when she was a child. Though that being said she has quite the aversion to violence being more of a pacifist, a lover not a fighter if you will.

And speaking of “love” she has a reputation around the school for being very promiscuous supposedly having racked up a bodycount unrivaled. She’s friendly, a decent student, and an enjoyer of fine wines and mead.

Unlike Asta who commutes to school, Hnoss actually conveniently lives on campus wanting to feel how mortal Humans do when they attend school.

She’s a big fan of film and television though she doesn’t have a particularly deep interest in them for example she couldn’t tell you why something is well put together or not. She likes what she likes and dislikes what she dislikes. One could speculate her love for the mediums stem from want to better understand Humans, experience live as they do. She’ll never able to experience what it was like growing up as a mortal Human, but she can better understand it through tv, film, social media applications she doesn’t quite understand.

She doesn’t have a big circle of friends and they’re mostly the same people Asta is friends with. And while she wouldn’t consider herself friends with Steve Mallette she does find amusement in talking with him. She enjoys trying figure out when he’s lying and telling the truth, and she also enjoys the absurdity of some of his fibs. Being a mystery lover none of this is a surprise. Another component could be that she finds him interesting, why does he act how he does? Neither of them had conventional childhoods so why is he how he is and why is that different from how she is?

She enjoys studying people, not just mortals. What makes them tick? Why do they do what they do? She has her favorites, people whom aren’t her friends that she’s sociable with maybe even more than that with… She’d likely never tell you who they are, it could even be you. But would that be so bad? No easier way to get to know her, no easier way to win her affections.

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