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Character Reveal: Jack Filo

Co-Captain of the track and field team he’s actually not all that well liked at P.S.A. not because he’s rude or a bully, he’s actually kind of the victim of bullying. Technically he’d fall into the “jock” classification, but- it doesn’t help him with his popularity, if anything it’s been a detriment. Jack didn’t join the track and field team because he wanted to, well- not really. He’s forced to partake in sports by his parents, has been since he was a youngling. So given all his options he felt track and field would be the path of least resistance. Which to a degree is true, unfortunately he didn’t account for his brain to get him promoted to co-captain by the coach. Most of the athletes on the team were upset by this and thusly don’t take his authority seriously. And maybe they shouldn’t, after all while Jack shows up for every practice and he does try to some degree, he doesn’t try like the others do. He doesn’t care about the sport or the events he just wanted his parents off his back, he’d much rather be spending his afternoons in the garage painting his wargaming minis, or playing Dungeons and Monsters with his friends. Heck, if Stheno wasn’t so aggressive he probably wouldn’t have even been made co-captain, since half the reason he was, was to help balance her out; which he is admittedly effective at.

That all being said it’s not like he’s being pushed into lockers or anything, Stheno probably wouldn’t let it even if people tried… But students aren’t exactly speaking highly of him either and while he’s sociable with others it’s not without a great deal of effort on his part. He’s made a couple friends thankfully though you could count them all on one hand. His bestfriend being Logan Outback who is- slightly more respected despite being on the chess team which you’d think would get him absolutely shoved into lockers. Well- assuming we’re going off of old highschool centered movie tropes. But no, perhaps it’s because how he carries himself, or the way he talks, heck maybe it’s his size, even if someone doesn’t like him no one is very open about it like they are with Jack. Either way you’ll see these two with each other quite often in and out of school.

They’ve known each other since they were kids and have always loved playing games with each other whether they be old fashioned board games or video games and anything in-between.

Jack is a relatively smart guy, hovering in that 3.0 range but it’s not as if academics come naturally to him, frankly he finds them all a bit of snore. But- his fear of his father’s temper keeps him aiming for those Bs at least.

He’s a supportive friend and partner even if he’s riddle with anxiety… and depression… Though you might be hard pressed to recognize those things from the outside, or- maybe they’d actually be abundantly clear.

He’s an empathetic creature, though it’s hard for him to be so with those who look down on him; but at the same time he kind of gets it so he can’t even bring himself to hate them. Perhaps it’s just conditioning from being bullied or looked down on as a child by his peers, he’s just kind of desensitized to it at least to some degree.

It should come as no surprise he kind of always assumes any given person doesn’t like him or at the very least doesn’t want anymore to do with him than what is required by circumstance. And- he doesn’t even necessarily mind that he knows you can’t like everyone and not everyone will like you no matter how hard you try. People will hate you simply for existing and there’s nothing you can do about it, even if it hurts you have to keep moving forward, one step at a time. Life sucks and then you die the best you can hope for is to find people to help alleviate the suckage.

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