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Character Reveal: Kendra Bell

Secretary of the SBG, she works hard to help take care of her fellow students. And as a the head cheerleader of the sparkle ball team she does her best to keep the spirits of the team high during matches. Once very, very small Miss Fairee taught her how to brew a size increasing potion second semester of freshman year. Since that day she’s been her current height which has been remarkably helpful as one can imagine. So- she works to pay her teacher’s kindness forward by helping others with her increased size. She’s very chipper and out going and despite what others may assume based on her appearance she’s pretty intelligent. She’s sociable and one of the few student orientation leaders of P.S.A. She knows just about everyone even though she’s not friends with everyone.

Her hopes is to go to university to study magical animals and monsters with perhaps a minor in psychology. Though she also thinks it could be fun to be a wedding or event planner too. Eventually she’d like to get some land and open up a little tiny house community for magical creatures.

She’s a wealth of helpful high school survival tips if you’re ever in the need for some guidance she’s the one you want to be talking to you. She’s the catalyst for many saved and ended relationships at P.S.A. some think of her as a bit of a match maker even. Though she’s adamant that she doesn’t directly try to set anyone up and merely offers advice to those wanting help winning the affections of another student. She hasn’t shown any interest in dating anyone herself however, maybe she’s just too career focused. Or perhaps she really just doesn’t find anyone in the student body all that interesting. There are rumors of a couple flings, but other than that no one has seemed to have caught her own eyes.

Though perhaps it could have something to do with that she’s an unaging seemingly immortal creature. A life like that could make connecting to someone on a romantic level difficult.

It would seem know one knows her on a deep, personal, level all of her connections are surface level. She’s friendly and gets a long with most everyone it would appear, but it also would seem that one really knows her either. Not the her beneath the facade of head cheer leader, she’s never seen having a bad day. It’s high school everyone has at least one bad day. Could it be there’s someone deeply vulnerable she hides within her glow? Someone perhaps even broken? Or maybe there is no facade and she really is happy go lucky all the time. Only one way to find out for sure.

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