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Character Reveal: Rawhead

Serial killer of international fame he got his start in and around Lancashire and Yorkshire, England, but has since migrated to America. You won’t ever see him without his faithful companion Bloody Bones whom he takes advantage of. Don’t let his comedidc voice fool you he’s quite deadly and is fairly adept with magic. He’s quick to temper, but also pretty quick to please if you know what to say. He’s a massive narcissist who frankly most find unlikable. That all being said he keeps to himself so long as he’s unprovoked, you’d be forgiven for thinking him a quiet guy. But engage with him and you’ll find it difficult shutting him up as he always has to have the last word. Outside a possible fondness for Bloody Bones there isn’t a single thing decent about him, he’s rotten to the core. He takes pleasure in the maiming and killng of Humans. He views Humans more or less like cattle. And if you think he sees his fellow creatures as much more you’d be wrong, he respects no one not even gods. He acts like he fears nothing, but chances are the only reason he doesn’t do as he wishes whilst at P.S.A. is the knowledge that not even he can compete with the might of a lot of the faculty. Though- it’s also possible that he just doesn’t find the idea of conflicting with them worth the effort. After all, if he did slaughter everyone at P.S.A. he’d just have to go back to his mundane life of yester. No, P.S.A. is a chance to grow his power, even he knows that inspite of his ego or at the very least it will entertain him for a time. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why Principle Thoth would allow him to attend the school, typically those who are allowed to attend aren’t a possible danger to the safety of others. So it begs the question is Rawhead all that dangerous to his fellow students? He certainly doesn’t look it physically with his emaciated form. And plenty of students would appear far more than capable of extinguishing his existences. No one just gets into P.S.A. It wouldn’t be hard to earn Rawhead’s favor, it’s easy to placate to his ego, staying it however could be a challenge for those not cunning. And even if one were to get into his good graces it would be an even larger hurdle to try and broaden his mental horizons. But, if one does not try to change his outlook then one can never hope to have a true relationship with him. No one is Rawhead’s true equal as is at least he would never say so if they were. It is said he were bore from a massacre in Cornwall, something born of that kind of darkness seldom have heart; let alone heart to change. But people say where there is darkness there too must be light even if it buried deep. Rawhead is certainly beyond redemption, but perhaps he may still atone should he be made to see the error in his ways. Then again. Killing Humans isn’t viewed as a crime in the world of magical creatures not in the legal sense, nor in most cases the moral one either.

Fortitude, bravery, cunning that is what be required to possibly earn Rawhead’s truest affections assuming he can have those. It would not be an easy relationship romantically nor paltonically. Heck, it might not even be rewarding at the end of all things. But they say it’s the journey, not the destination. And anyone who goes on the adventure of life with Rawhead certainly will end it changed, maybe not even for the better. It is a martyr’s mission, but perhaps also a necessary one for the betterment of all kind.

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