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Voice Actor Reveal: Maxadrian Burton!

Just because Maxadrian Burton is voicing PSA's secret character doesn't mean that I'm not going to spotlight them! Up until this point for the most part the cast has been no secret so it's easy to announce who's playing who. But as we get further into development and more characters are finished I have to be more mindful of what I do and don't reveal, after all I would like at least some things to be surprises. Enter our secret character who I can't even name drop because even that would be a giveaway. Anyways, I've actually be wanting to work with Maxadrian for a while now so I was happy to see them reach out about auditioning for said character because I thought maybe the time had finally come. And sure enough it had, the audition pool was pretty small for this one, but nevertheless there were some great submissions. But ultimately for me what Maxadrian did really hit was I was looking for and the conversation we had prior to their audition about the material really made me feel they were the right person for the job. The character in question had to strike this balance of loveable and insufferable. Imagine Sid the sloth from Ice Age, that seems an apt comparsion. The character is both shallow and kind of deep, there's a bit of a duality and found a lot of actors just leaned really hard into one side. Which doesn't work for the character as again it's a balancing act you need to be able to take them seriously, but also be able to sort of get the meta of it and have a laugh. I found Maxadrian's take hit that middle ground in tone, and just overall vocal quality. This character is more on the animal side, but also intelligent enough to speaks so that kind of needed to be accounted for too. Too much of the animal traits and you start to lose the humanity too much humanity and you lose that other important half of them. There's surprisingly a lot of thought that went into it all for a character with so few lines of dialogue and yet I think they're maybe one of the more interesting students at PSA. I think maybe because there's not a single member of the cast like them really in any single way. Which I think is good given they only appear in one single, hidden, event that people likely won't find for a hot minute. As I've said before though everyone at PSA matters so I still wanted to make a post about Maxadrian and getting to work with them, because it really was a delight even if the whole process was rather short ha, ha, ha. Either way they're a wonderful performer and I think this role really helps to highlight that given the limitations they had to work with. And that's I suppose just about all I can say on the subject. I hope you guys will have a fun time discovering this character and hearing Maxadrian's performance when the game does release. So with all that said Maxadrian Burton, welcome to Pleasant Sparkle Academy.

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