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Voice Actor Reveal: Sapphira Smith!

So excited to announce that Marion Toro will be providing the voice of Sapphira Smith for PSA! I teased my feelings/stated them months ago about this and they still remain the same so- prepare for me to gush a bit. It has been a long road to cast Sapphira, she's easily been the hardest to cast, I had her in two casting callings? And just couldn't find the right actor for her. Plenty of good submissions for sure but Sapphira had a very specific voice in my head and I really didn't want to deviate from it. In a lot of cases I don't mind deviating from the voice in my head, but- for Sapphira I just felt like I couldn't do that. I think Sapphira was tough because I modeled her mannerisms and the way she speaks off an old coworker of mine I was really found of who- I just found a really fun and sort of just interesting friendship? With. So I think that's why I wanted to stick to what was in my head when it came to Sapphira's voice because maybe more so than most of the cast Sapphira felt like someone real someone I actually knew because the only thing about her not true to the person I based her off of was her backstory, though- there are some things they kind of shared both have very successful fathers in the art industry both follow in their father's footsteps just in their own way. Anyways starting to get off track. Point is Sapphira was tough it was always an issue of just the overall sound of the voice didn't work i.e. little too mature, or too docile or was an issue of mic quality which unfortunately does matter since the game really relies on the vocal performances and sound design as there's 0 animations. So I put out another casting call and none other than Marion Toro submits, uh and this is the moment where I get to expose myself and talk about how I- had a minor panic in a way. Because I spend too much time on Twitter, we know this. I- have started to become aware of many voice actors through this project through actors I've worked with I engage with the community I start to take notice of people and those who are spoken highly of. And I'd see Marion pop up on my timeline every now and again and- listen I don't go and offer roles to people and I'll be frank it's because this thing is being made on a shoestring budget; so the last thing I want is to ever offend someone with what a role pays. Marion to me was outside my league like- definitely was someone on my radar who I knew was great, someone in my mind was on like- another level was acting in things or has been in things again- not even remotely in my little league. So- it never even crossed my mind I could work with her, you understand what I'm saying? In my mind Marion is a big time VA, so when I see her pop up in my inbox I literally have to double take and like- double check because in my mind I'm like, "no... that's- that can't be her." I'm pretty positive I verbally said, "what the fuck?" I cannot stress how- unworthy I felt, do feel. I ain't shit. I'm a good writer, but I'm not that good of a writer, fuck I'm not even a game dev, I'm unproven this thing could crash and burn any day now. This woman has worked for professional animations my game doesn't even have animations! What! So- just- that's where we're starting at okay? And then of course she kills it and is absolutely perfect. Also- she auditioned for like several characters and even gave me the reasons why which= listen plenty of people don't do even when they submit for one. Once I heard Marion's submission for Sapphira it was like, "finally! There she is!" It was exactly how I imagined Sapphira sounding it was perfect. It was like- "how could I turn this chance down?" I was honored she was even interested in PSA at all, but then to submit for multiple characters and have some actual interest in them, and then to be as good as she is it's just a no-brainer. I don't know, Sapphira feels authentic with Marion voicing her, none of it feels forced or- ya' know acting it feels like- like I'm just there with Sapphira, like- I am experiencing the words I've written. I can't really- quantify the feeling. I don't take for granted getting to work with Marion I consider myself very lucky I wrote something decent enough or- something with enough protentional that she'd take a risk on it. Again this ship could sink any day you know? Like- there are better things she could work on people who could pay her much more, I just- I don't know, this is someone who with even limited direction from me which sometimes happens because I forget not everyone sort of sees what I do or wants to read a full ass convoluted script can nail each line as if she knew exactly what I was thinking. That could be Marion really connecting with Sapphira, or- maybe Marion just naturally shares sort of the same head space as her, or hell maybe Marion really is just that damn good at her job. Probably a combination of all the above. I don't think there's much else I can really say I mean- I don't have to convince you, her past work easily speaks for itself and when you hear Sapphira in this game it'll just reinforce how good she is, or at the very least how perfect she was for this role. I guess you know it's true good things come to those who wait sometimes getting the right actor for a role is just really a matter of time. And thankfully the time has finally come that I am able to say, Marion Toro welcome to Pleasant Sparkle Academy!

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