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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions in regards to the casting process, some of these are already explained on the casting page itself; but if you're coming straight to this page instead hopefully, this helps.

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What is the deadline for auditions?

There is currently no deadline for audition submissions. Not in the traditional sense, casting is running until I find the right person for each character. That being said there is a 30 day "grace period" from the start of the casting call. During this time I won't cast anyone, this is to allow a decent amount of time for people to submit and to keep me from maybe jumping the gun. After this period is up, however, if there's someone I feel works, they're getting cast.


Paid or unpaid?

It's paid roles, the rate is $10 per 200 words, with some rounding when it makes sense.

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What's available?

Whatever is on the casting page. If it's there it's available, likely there are "available" roles that aren't shown, but in those cases, I either already have someone in mind, or the character simply isn't at state in which it makes sense to book someone for the role. 


How should "x" sound?

Dealer's choice. Most characters if they're on the casting page are there because I don't have any sort of preference for how they're played. In a lot of cases when writing these characters the voices either aren't in my head or are constantly fluxing depending on the day. In some cases, they have accents that don't even make sense. Additionally, if I limit actors to how I want them to sound I can really miss out on some great directions, even better directions I never would have considered. So you do you, you're the actor. Be creative, trust your instinct, and you tell me how these characters should sound. PSA isn't really about me.

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Can I audition for "x" ?

Traditionally I'm getting this question in regards to an actor voicing a character of a different ethnicity. For me, I don't care, and the real reason is I just want the best actor, and I'm one guy in my office putting this together. My reach, resources, and time are limited. Ideally, every character would be played by a VA of the same ethnicity, but that's not really something I can expect with what I have to work with. I'm working within my means, so I leave it up to the VA. PSA is diverse and the cast is massive, so I'm not concerned we won't have representation from all sorts of people. If I can cast someone of the same ethnicity as a character I 100% will. But like I said I can't feasibly limit actors to only characters who are the same as them. 

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Can I audition/play multiple characters?

Yes, absolutely. So long as a person wouldn't reasonably be able to tell that by hearing your performances that's absolutely fine. 


Is the pay negotiable?

No. This is why I put the pay for each role and the workload for each one up front. As stated before in this FAQ pay rate is $10 per 200 words. It's the rate the "lead" actor charges  so that's the rate I decided to use for everyone. One reason being that this actor did more work (if we're going by lines) than any other actor will, their role consisting of about 4.5k words; and paying people possibly more for less just doesn't sit right with me even if they determined that rate themself. Secondly at this point most of my actors thus far have taken paycuts to be a part of the project and it would be so disrespectful to them to make exceptions suddenly for other actors. Third honestly that is my budget, once I start going hire than that it takes me a while to be able to afford to even hire a VA. Like if the rate is too low for you, I 100% respect that. I like to be as transparent as possible with everyone I work with. I've gotten this question a few times now since doing these big open calls, and I wanted to note it here. I mean this respectfully I'm not going to pay you more than what's listed for the role, I'm not I don't care about your accolades or followings I understand if you think you're worth x I get that, this isn't what that's about. This is simply about the fact that I am a single person paying for this project with their 9-5 and last of the money their dead parents left them. So, I hope this adquetely answers this question and you can understand why I can't make exceptions on the pay rate.

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