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Character Reveal: Logan Outback

Not necessarily smart in things magical, Logan is arguably the smartest student at P.S.A. when it comes to all things scientific. He is the adoptive son of a very accomplished Austrailian Witch doctor, Stefan Weir. Looking at him you’d suspecting he were nothing more than a big, brainless, jock. But actually- he has his CPR and first-aid license, very well studied in medicine as well as traditional oil painting. He excels in his Alchemy coursework is an avid chess player, board game enthusiast, and devote GM for his friends’ Dungeons & Monsters campaign. When not gaming with friends he spends his time painting whether it be on canvas, miniatures, or action figures. And while all this may lead to the conclusion that Logan is a shut in like his father it’s quite the opposite. He enjoys hiking and the outdoors, he’s particularly fond of trying to find animals with his bestfriend Jack. He’s not quite sure what he wants to do post-highschool part of him would like to go into medicine like his dad, but the other part of him would really like to get into film designing and making costumes. He’s a big superhero guy so it’s no surprise that he helps out Mr. Merrywhether the new long-term sub who seems to know an awful lot about them…

Logan is a kind and gentle soul, who despite his looks would actually be awful in a fight possessing no particular self-defense skills outside raw strength, which- in the world outside P.S.A. might serve him well is much less helpful at a school with killer spider-people.

He’s not a big sports guy though he played Sparkle Ball as a kid growing up and does enjoy watching matches on TV or seeing the school’s team play. But he doesn’t really follow any of the professionals closely he’s rooted for the same team since he was a tot.

He and Jack have known each other since the second grade when Jack’s family moved to Austrailia from America due to his dad’s job. He works for a snack company on their marketing team pretty high up the chain and when the company wanted to expand into Austrailia well- his dad jumped at the opportunity. Feeling they’d make for good friends their teacher tasked Logan with showing Jack around and guiding him through the next couple days; and she was right the two became practically inseparable. And Jack went from being relentlessly bullied by everyone in school to growing a fair group of friends and only bullied behind his back which- was an improvement. And Logan went from being lonely with no real friends to having one good friend and a group of aquitences so it ended up working out for everyone!

Logan is a beacon of optimism, and friendly with a big heart. If you can get down with his nerdy hobbies you’ll have a supportive and loyal partner till the end of your days.

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