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Pleasant Sparkle Academy: The Visual Novel is a visual novel/dating sim based off the book of the same name. In where the player attends a school for magical creatures. The catch? The player shouldn't be there as they're a human! But by some error they ended up transferring in, now they must attend class without being found out by their classmates; for not all who attend P.S.A. are friendly to humans.

Players will attend 8 classes and a lunch period throughout the course of the game, where they will interact with the various characters of the game. There will also be shorter additional sections between classes where the player will be able to select  a character they wish to spend some time with. 

At the end of the game the player will be asked if they wish to seek romance, if they choose "yes" they can select from the 100 different students they've met throughout their time to pursue. Depending on their choices they'll either be successful and be treated to  a retelling of the rest of the school year with their new partner, or they'll be rejected and given a "bad" ending.

Release TBD 

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